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The point to this web site will be to enlighten and entertain and unlike most other sites dedicated to the fab four we will be voicing our own opinions throughout the news and reviews. We won't be content to just report what's going on, we'll be telling you what we think about it all and we won't be handing out praise if it's not warranted. The fabs have all done some pretty awful stuff over the last 30 years and we won't be mincing our words when it comes to saying we think something is rubbish as those who have subscribed over the years to "ATU" will no doubt testify to. So sit back and strap yourselves in for a totally different ride through Beatledom!


ATU the fanzine has stuck to it’s guns over the last 10 years and refused to conform and become just another run of the mill fanzine. We believe this attitude has enabled us to remain truly unique amongst only a handful of Beatle fanzines that are left around the world today. We feel that the facts, figures, fotos, humour, fun and of course irreverence has made ATU very special. It is with this attitude that we bring you the “Across the Universe” website. Our editorial policy of rejecting “blind devotion’ will undoubtedly cause some ripples when we dare to criticise or poke fun at any of our beloved lads but from the very start we agreed we wouldn’t be a propaganda rag for the Fabs. We always say it as we see it and this website will be no different! We will bring you only the latest news and rumours that we feel are worthy of broadcasting. We will not, for instance, be commenting on the opening of a Beatle themed restaurant in Budapest as many fanzines waste their ink upon nor will we have interviews with a friend of a friend of a friend who spoke to a Fab thirty years ago or more, which is another area many publications thrive upon. No, we will simply give you the cold hard facts with proof and any other significant pertinent reports but rest assured we will make our own straight-to-the-bone comments about each item and if we think something is not relevant then we simply won’t be mentioning it! Believe me you will be better off not knowing there is a ferret named “Lennon” living in the Catskill’s. We encourage as much feedback as possible so please email us at our email button below and tell us what you think and if you have something to contribute then please let us know about it or just send in any reviews, news or photos and we will consider using them. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy your ride through the pages of the ATU website. Now on with the show…..


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