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They are the off spring of our heroes and have grown up to be names in their own right. Some have taken the paths of their fathers while others have forged wonderful careers in other fields. We feel they are deserving of equal respect and have therefore dedicated this section of our site to them all. We will have a bit of their life's stories as well as all the latest news and photos on the next generation of Beatle people.



Heather McCartney was born on December 31st 1963 making her the oldest Beatle child. Born to Linda and her first husband Melville See, Paul officially adopted Heather when he married Linda in 1969. Paul and Heather have always been close with Paul always referring to her as his eldest daughter. There are some great moments of them together during the Beatles film " Let It Be" back in January 1969 with one memorable scene of Heather sneaking up on Ringo and bashing his snare drum which jolts him into spasms of mock horror. Now fast forward to May 1996 to the recording session for Paul's "Beautiful Night". Captured in his "In The World Tonight" documentary where we see Heather, Ringo and Paul "headbanging" together ! What goes around comes around. From about 1977 - 1980 Heather became a punk and at one stage even went out with Billy Idol! At one point her friends told her if she ever has trouble with her old man she can just go to the papers! Soon after Paul moved the family to the Sussex countryside and away from her London friends. During the mid 80's rumours went around that Heather was having severe emotional problems and was even admitted to hospital, but whatever they may have been they appear to be well sorted out now. Heather, like all of her family is incredibly talented. She is a photographer, like her mum and back in 1981 she won the Ilford's Young Printer of the Year Award. A little known fact about Heather is that in 1990 she lived in Mexico with the Tarahumara and Huichol native people and studied their ways of pottery. In October 1997 Heather held an exhibition of her pottery in New York to rave reviews. In January 1999 she successfully launched (with help from dad) a range of originally designed homeware products. Since then Heather has maintained a low profile but seems to have, in the last few years, moved from the McCartney property into a nearby town where she has purchased a house of her own. She continues to design and market her own housewares and pottery. .

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Mary McCartney was born on August 28th 1969 just as the Beatles professional world was blown apart. Mary's first claim to fame was with the release of Paul's first solo album "McCartney" where she appears on the back cover photograph snuggled up in Paul's jacket. Like all of Paul's children Mary was kept out of the limelight only really being seen in the papers in photo's of the family arriving at airports. Mary now works as a picture editor at Paul's MPL offices but at Paul's insistence had to work her way up by starting out at an assistant picture editor at the London book firm "Music Sales". During Paul's two world tours Mary worked as Linda's personal assistant as well as being one of the tour photographers. Mary is a fantastic photographer just like Linda and took the last beautiful photos of Linda before she passed away. Mary also had the honour of taking the first photo of Tony & Cherie Blair's new baby son. Mary is the only one of Paul & Linda's children to be married. She married film maker Alistair Donald on September 27, 1998 and gave Paul his first grandchild Arthur born in April 1999.. Both Mary and Alistair collaborated on the Wings documentary called Wingspan which went to air just recently. In Wingspan Mary also showed us that she can leave Oprah for dead when it comes to conducting an interview with her dad!

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Stella Nina McCartney was born in London on September 13th 1971. She proved to be the inspiration behind Paul naming his band Wings. When Stella was born she was premature and had complications which were life threatening. Paul, whilst pacing the halls of the hospital began thinking of names for his new band to take his mind off Stella and the line 'wings of an angel' came to mind, thus the name Wings was born. Again shielded from the glare of publicity not much was heard of Stella till the late 80's when it was reported that she was interested in following a career in fashion design. Around this time Paul managed to get Stella work experience with fashion guru Christian Lacroix and Saville Row tailor for The Beatles Edward Sexton. In 1993 Stella designed the packaging for Paul's Australian tour CD box set. In 1995 she graduated from fashion school in London with a showing of her designs modelled by her friends Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Yasmin Le Bon. Paul even composed the music that they walked the catwalk to, a piece entitled "Stella May Day". In early 1997 it was announced that Stella had been signed as the head designer of the "Chloe" fashion house in Paris. Typical of the fashion world there were many bitchy comments in the press insinuating that Stella only got the job because of her name but realistically in the world of fashion no one would obtain such a high profile job without an incredible amount of talent. Stella went on to have many successful fashion shows whilst with Chloe and it has been just recently announced that she will have her own designer label through Gucci.

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James Louis McCartney was the last child born to Paul & Linda on September 12th 1977. He was named in honour of Paul's father and of course was kept well away from any publicity. Yet strangely James was the first of the children to be interviewed,albiet briefly on a television program with a beaming father sitting next to him on the UK Saturday morning show "Going Live" James is also the subject of one of Linda's more famous photos entitled "Boy Shape" Not much was heard about James throughout the 80's until the 1990 World Tour where he earned worldwide press headlines after going missing whilst surfing near his home in Rye. The very next year James was again in the headlines when he was trapped in a Land Rover accident on his dad's farm in which his leg was broken. James has been playing guitar for a number of years and in 1997 made his recording debut on his dad's song "Heaven On A Sunday" featured on Paul's "Flaming Pie" album. Previous to this James had mucked about with his own heavy rock band which rehearsed incessantly at Paul's farm. We’ve heard that James may be featured on his dad’s next album ‘Driving Rain'.

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Born on 1st August 1978, Dhani's name pronounced "Danny" comes from two notes in the Indian music scale,"Dha - Ni" and is not the Indian word for wealth which was reported at the time. By all accounts Dhani is a quiet and rather shy boy and has been kept very much in the background by his parents and has only been photographed when he attends Grand Prix races with his dad or when he appeared on stage for the encores of George's last Japanese concert in December 1991 and at his UK gig at the Albert Hall in April 1992 where he played guitar with his dad on "Roll Over Beethoven" More recently he was seen at the court case in relation to the attempted murder of George and Olivia reading out the families statement. In 1991 Dhani made his recording debut with his dad and Ravi Shankar on a song, "Ride Rajbun" singing a duet with George that was recorded for a children's animated UK TV series, "The Bunbury Tails". Dhani is also an experienced cox with the Leander Rowing Club in Henley - On - Thames where you can easily spot the team practising by the shocking pink socks they wear! (obviously George designed their uniforms!) Since the mid 90’s Dhani has kept a low profile due to his studies but in Dec 1999 he was thrust into the worlds headlines following his dad’s shocking attack then later the next year he accompanied his mother Olivia to the court hearing and briefly read out a statement to the waiting media. Since then Dhani has successfully graduated from Brown University over in the U.S. (early 2001) and is no doubt contemplating his future career.

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John Charles Julian Lennon was born on Monday 8th April 1963 at 7.45am. The eldest Beatle child his birth was kept a secret for a couple of years as was John's marriage although the US press blew that out of the water. Overall it wasn't too long before they all found out about Beatle baby Julian. Julian's first and some say greatest claim to fame was when he came home from school one day in early 1967 with a painting he'd done at school of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", you all know the story!. Paul has always been close to Julian, in fact Paul states that one of his most personal moments he ever shared with John was when they were on holiday together and Julian was mucking around jumping all over Paul. The closeness between Paul and Julian and Paul's affection towards Cyn inspired one of the greatest songs of the sixties "Hey Jude". With the pressure of being John's eldest son, Julian rebelled in his youth and like the Starkey sons was usually seen hanging out at pubs and parties but he pulled his act together and began getting into music seriously. With all the great talent and creativity that surrounded him it's no wonder that Jules launched his own musical career in 1984 after having fooled around in a few bands. Of course the expectations surrounding his career were totally unrealistic and after a promising start he found the hype and the overall record business a bit of a pain. Around the time of his second and third albums, Julian started dabbling in drugs and drink but had the sense to stop before it got him into serious trouble and came back strongly with "Help Yourself" in 1991. In 1998 he released the brilliant album "Photograph Smile" which kick started his music career once more .Julian is currently living in Italy. Sometime in 2000 Julian reportedly became engaged to his girlfriend Lucy Bayliss. Throughout 2001 he has been building a recording studio in his home in Italy and working on his next album as well as updating his website.

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Sean Lennon was born on John's birthday, 9th October 1975 in the same room of the New York Hospital where Caroline Kennedy was born. From day one Sean seemed destined to be the Lennon's golden child. John immediately retired from the music world after Sean was born and spent the next five years raising and nurturing him, showering him with all the attention that he never gave to Julian. John said in his last interview that he and Sean were almost like twins. When John died one of the things that was continuously overlooked was that Sean, just five years old had lost a father and not a world figure in music, he was just his dad. In the years following John's death Sean and Yoko became very close, a closeness that Yoko admits John & Sean had previously shared. He would frequently appear with Yoko in public and on many TV interviews. Sean has appeared on some of Yoko's solo albums of the 80's , even getting a track of his own "It's Alright" and a promo video as well. During the latter part of the 80's Sean dipped his toes into acting by starring in good friend Michael Jackson's feature film "Moonwalker". During the early 90's Sean concentrated on his schooling eventually graduating from college. In 1995 Yoko decided it was time to go back to the studio to record a new album. Sean who has always been musical and had become quite an accomplished guitarist and keyboard player can be seen in his "Dear Prudence" promo clip tribute to his father, begged Yoko to let him and his new band "Ima" back her on the recordings. Yoko finally agreed and the results "Rising" were truly awesome. Sean's guitar playing and keyboard skills were nothing short of amazing. The ensuing world tour drew critical and public raves. In 1998 he released his first solo album "Into The Sun":and has toured with his band. During 2001 Sean has begun work on his next album as well as performing some of the potential album tracks at a select few concerts. This year Sean broke up with his long-term girlfriend Yuka Honda and is currently dating Bijou Phillips, daughter of the late singer-songwriter John Phillips.

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Zak was Ringo and Maureen's first child born on September 13th 1965. He lived a happy childhood with Ringo and Maureen until their divorce in 1975 when he was ten. With Ringo spending more and more time away from England Zak began looking upon family friend and drummer for The Who, Keith Moon as a sort of surrogate father. Zak cites Keith as his drum mentor and not his own father who admits to only ever giving Zak one drumming lesson. It was Keith who really taught Zak how to play the drums. Zak first appeared in the press in 1980 when a British tabloid did a story on the Beatle children. At the time Zak was playing in his first band playing a set of drums that Keith had given him. In the December of the same year he was seen leaving Cynthia Lennon's house with Julian upon hearing of the death of John. Afterwards during the early 80's news filtered through about his drinking habits but by 1986 he had mellowed enough to become a father and subsequently marry. His daughter's name is Tatia Jane and made Ringo the first Beatle grandfather. In 1989 Ringo chose Zak to be the main drummer of his first ever tour with his All Starr Band. He also drummed on his next two in 1992 & 1995 but in 1997 Zak was otherwise occupied when he officially became the drummer for the reformed "Who" alongside Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Roger Daltery. Away from touring Zak lives a quiet life with his wife Sarah and his daughter Tatia in their own home in Berkshire, England. When he is not drumming for “The Who” Zak sometimes plays with other bands. One such recent occasion was with the UK band “The Lightning Seeds".

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Jason Starkey was the second of the Starkey clan born in 1967 at the height of "Sgt. Pepper" mania and is the dead spit of his father. Jason also plays drums just like his older brother and father and could be considered the wildest of the family in his youth, though it wouldn't have taken much to stand out in that respect. Youthful slip-ups of nicking a car stereo and being caught in possession of cannabis led him to two court appearances in the late eighties. In 1992 Jason appeared. unexpectedly alongside Ringo in the wonderful Disney special "Going Home". In this documentary Ringo. Jason and Ringo's dad. Harry ( in his last ever TV appearance) walk around Liverpool and reminisce about Ringo's childhood. Two highlights from this special are when Ringo shows Jason around the "new" Cavern telling all kinds of never before heard stories of those days and then as they are leaving they pop into the "Beatle Shop" where Jason says he's going to buy a Ringo doll. Ringo then asks What are you going to do with it?" and Jason replies 'Stick pins in it !' but then gives his dad a big hug. The closeness between the two is self evident. Jason is living in London and is currently playing in a pub band. He is not married. Jason has also become a father when his girlfriend gave birth to a son in 2000

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Lee Parkin Starkey was the last of Ringo's children born on November 11th 1971. Nothing at all was known of Lee throughout the 7O's and much of the 80's. She dropped out of school when she was sixteen and then left a course in drama school before training as a make-up artist. In 1989 Lee unexpectedly appeared alongside her dad in a US TV commercial for Oldsmobile cars which is a real hoot. In 1991 Lee was in the news when she opened her own fashion boutique in LA. called 'Planet Alice'. Unfortunately it closed after a year. In 1995, in what turned out to be a horror year for the fabs, Lee developed a brain tumor just months after her mother Maureen died of leukemia and a few months before Linda's breast cancer. Lee was rushed to hospital and operated upon successfully and seems to have made a complete recovery. These days Lee lives in Los Angeles and is particularly close to her half sister Augusta (from her mum's second marriage) It is also worth noting that Uncle Paul wrote the beautiful song "Little Wiillow" on his Flaming Pie album for the Starkey children & Augusta when he heard of Maureen's tragic death.

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Kyoko's story, although not strictly a Beatle kid (she was never adopted by John) is indelibly entwined with John & Yoko. Kyoko was born to Yoko and her then 2nd husband Tony Cox in 1963. After Yoko's divorce and subsequent marriage to John, Tony also remarried. John & Yoko were friendly with Tony and Melinda, enough so that they allowed Kyoko to visit them in London in 1969 and then even held a joint press conference in Holland in the new year. John and Yoko soon after filed for custody of Kyoko after Yoko had suffered a second miscarriage. The application was successful but as soon as custody papers were delivered to Tony & Melinda they fled with Kyoko leading John & Yoko on a search half way around the world. They couldn't be located for ten years. Even in one of John's last interviews he pleaded with them to make contact. Just after John's death Kyoko sent Yoko a bereavement telegram but that was the only contact made throughout the 80's. Yoko even put a full page ad in a US paper asking Kyoko to come forward but it had no effect. In the early 80's news filtered out that Tony & Kyoko had been in a religious cult which they had recently left, thus shedding some hope on a meeting. We don't really know what happened next but presumably Kyoko did contact Yoko sometime around 1994 and then in 1995 Yoko & Kyoko were reunited. During Yoko'ss 'Rising' tour of Japan and America Kyoko was seen several times in the touring party looking happy and well. Pictures appeared earlier in 2001 of Yoko, Kyoko and Yoko's grandchild in one of the weekly magazines proving that their reconciliation has definitely worked out well and Yoko looks very happy in her new role as a grandmother.

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Not much is known about Ringo's two stepchildren from Barbara's previous marriage. Francesca was bridesmaid at Ringo and Barb's wedding in 1981 and is now 32 years old. In the early 90's she was picked on by the US tabloids for her wild antics with her girlfriends with the papers saying that Ringo was at his wits end and even rang up Paul for some advice! Even less is known about Gianni who is younger than his sister. He was photographed at Bingo and Barbara's wedding and as recently as 1995 with Ringo and Barb whilst on holiday in Monte Carlo. He was born with cerebral palsy and has had several operations to correct his bones in his legs. At present he is attending college in America where he is studying business.

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