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This is the place that we can reminisce about those three times Australia has been graced with a Beatle on tour. Starting back in June 1964 with the Beatles one and only tour downunder then moving onto Paul's triumphant return in November 1975 with Wings and finally Paul's unbelievable March 1993 trek. We'll also bring you interesting mementos on George's frequent holidays and Ringo's one and only solo visit to these shores as well as Yoko, Julian and Sean's tours and promotional jaunts.


Let's go back twenty years to mid September 1975, when there was a small article hidden at the bottom of a page in the daily newspaper that read "McCartney and Wings To Tour Oz!". This was to be taken with a large pinch of salt at the time for we had seen that heading no fewer than four times previously going back as far as 1972. The tour was eventually confirmed in early October and tickets went on sale shortly after. No one, let alone thc promoter, could have expected the huge rush for tickets which prompted additional concerts in all cities bar Perth. The tour ended up being a enormous success which suprised Paul more than anyone. He really believed that he would have a hard time selling out one concert in every city but the truth was he could have set up residency here for a whole year! The tour was negotiated between Australian promoter Paul Dainty and Paul's manager, Brian Brolly and had been in the work's for the last twelve months. Originally Wings were to tour Australia in 1973 but at the last minute negotiations broke down mainly because Paul unexpectedly sacked his then manager, Vincent Romero, who incidently has never been heard of since. As soon as Paul secured a new manager, the concept for a world tour was put in motion and Australian promoter Paul Dainty began to negotiate for a tour down under straight away. Of course the tour was a great success and all the fans and critics alike were ecstatic about the concerts, with the only dissapointment that there should've been more shows. The tour was filmed with bits and pieces used in Paul's 1979 tv special "Wings Over The World". Throughout the tour Paul and Wings seemed to give numerous radio interviews, particularly after the Perth and Sydney concerts. Most of these are undoubtedly still preserved in the archives of the radio stations who did the interviews at the time. If anyone has any radio or for that matter, television broadcasts from the tour we would love to hear about it, so please drop us a line as soon as you can.

The set list for the Australian tour was virtually the same as for the September 1975 UK tour and comprised the following songs:

Venus and Mars
2. Rock Show
3. Jet
4 .Let Me Roll It
5. Spirits of Ancient Egypt
6. C Moon/Little Woman Love
7. Maybe I'm Amazed
8. Lady Madonna
9. The Long and Winding Road
1O. Live and Let Die
11. Picasso's Last Word's
12. Richard Cory
1 3. BIuebird
14 l 've Just Seen a Face
1 5 .Blackbird
1 6. Yesterday
1 7. You Gave Me The Answer
1 8 .Magneto and Titanium Man
19. Go Now
20.Call Me Back Again
21 .My Love
22 .Listen To What The Man Said
23 .Letting Go
24. Medecine Jar
25 Juniors Farm
26 Band on The Run
27. Hi, Hi, Hi
28. Soily


October 28th: Arrived in Perth, Western Australia
November 1st: 1st Australian concert in Perth
November 2nd: Only tour Press Conference held in Perth
November 3rd: Arrived in Adelaide, South Australia
November 4th: First Adelaide concert
November 5th: Second Adelaide concert
November 6th: Arrived in Sydney, NSW
November 7th: First Sydney concert
November 8th: Second Sydney concert
November 9th: Arrived in Brisbane, Queensland
November 10th: First Brisbane concert
November 11th: Second Brisbane concert
November 12th: Arrived in Melbourne, Victoria
November 13th: First Melbourne concert
November 14th: Second Melbourne concert
November 15th: Left Australia bound for Hawaii

Cover of Wings 1975 Aussie Tour Program






The first stop of the tour was Perth in Western Australia.

For the fans out west this was to be their first sight of a Beatle, because back in 1964 the fabs didn't do any concerts over there. When tickets went on sale in mid October, the fans started lining up early the day before and when the box office opened, 8000 tickets were sold in 3 hours!, a record for ticket sales in Perth and back thcn they only cost $7.90 and scalpers were asking $50! Paul, Linda and the kids couldn't even leave England without making the papers. Seerns that they'd slept in or as Paul said after arriving down under "I couldn't find my toothbrush", and Linda smirkingly added "and the eggs wouldn't boil. Anyway their plane waited an extra half hour so they didn't miss it. The other passengers were not impressed. Previous to Paul and family arriving, most of the crew and 25 tonnes of equipment had been flown in and was being set up for their first concert, scheduled for November 1st. Paul, Linda, Mary, Stella and Heather plus their housekeeper arrived on Tuesday afternoon on October 28th. They were greeted by a handful of media and fifty or so fans. Paul was his gracious self and said he was thrilled to be here and couldn't wait for their first concert. The Macca family, after signing the obiligatory autographs, headed off to their suite at the Sheraton hotel in the centre of Perth. Acting more like tourists than celebrities they were spotted the next evening strolling around the city streets doing some sightseeing and as Linda put it when confronted by a journalist, "we're looking for a big juicy hamburger, there just has to be a hamburger in town somewhere". Vegetarians for over twenty years?, doesen't sound like it. When asked about Perth and if they'd been hassled at all Paul said "We haven't been bothered at all. Not like in some cities. This seems a nice place, we're just trying to relax at the moment and maybe we'll take a landrover out tomorrow and push up into the hills". In reality they stayed close to the city the next day and had their first rehearsal in the afternoon and then threw a suprise birthday party for Denny Laine in the evening. On Friday the 31st October, Paul and family went on a boat cruise to Rottnest island which must have made an impression on Paul because later when asked how he liked it quipped "it's the rottenest island in the world!". Oh well you can't please all the people... .Again in the afternoon there was another rehearsal. The next day, Saturday Ist November was the big day - Wings first Australian concert. It was held at Perth's only true concert venue back then, the Perth Entertainment Centre, a wonderful complex for it's time that held all 8,000 ticket holders. The concert was scheduled to begin at 8.15 but was around 15 minutes late. The entire concert went for more than two hours with a smattering of Beatle classics thrown in amongst the best of the Wings material. Unfortunately security guards prevented the fans from dancing and tried valiently to keep them in their seats, though at every oppertunity Paul incited the crowd to get up and bop along.