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Where would the World be today without having had Linda McCartney. Much worse off we reckon. A crusader of Vegetarianism and Animal Rights as well as one of the greatest Photographers of our time. This section is dedicated with much love to the on going memory of the lovely Linda.






our favourite photos of linda

Linda has been honoured with a bronze statue in Campbeltown Kintyre. The statue is a two-fhirds life size statue of Linda holding a lamb and was commissioned and donated by Paul. The statue was created by Jane Robbins, who is Paul's niece. The idea of the memorial statue and garden was proposed by Linda's friends as a tribute to Linda and her contribution to the community. The Lady Linda McCartney Kintyre Memorial Trust was thus set up and was supported by the McCartney family and backed by funds raised by locals, the Campbelltown and Kintyre Enterprise Trust, Argyll and Islands Enterprise and Argyll and Bute Council.
Councillor Alistair McKinlay said at the unveiling of the statue " The development of this garden will encourage people to visit Kintyre and experience the unique landscape and atmosphere of tranquility, which inspired one of the leading photographers of the 20th century".
In time the buildings around the garden may be turned into a gallery to exhibit Linda's photographs of Kintyre and other pieces of her work.