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This is where we can tell you all about the other magnificent music that surrounds us.

Every one of these musicians owe some sort of debt to the Fabs but they have also added their own unique musical talents to be deserving of our praise. And it's not just artists from the 60's either as there are still many wonderfully talented people out there today making truly great real music…you just have to do a bit of searching to find it that's all. But search no longer as these links will unearth for you a world of music you possibly weren't aware of. Any other suggestions of artist sites are most welcome.


America - www.oxygenrec.com/america/
Beach Boys - www.californiasaga.com/ or www.beachboys.com/
Brian Wilson - www.brianwilson.com/ or www.angelfire.com/mn/smileshop/navpage.html
Bee Gees - www.fortheloveofthebeegees.com/ or www.beegeesquarterly.com/appearances.htm
The Who - www.thewho.net/ or www.petetownshend.co.uk/frame.html
The Byrds - metalab.unc.edu/jimmy/mcguinn/index.html
Crosby, Stills & Nash - www.4waysite.com/index3.htm or www.crosbycpr.com/index.html
David Bowie - www.teenagewildlife.com/ or www.bowiewonderworld.com/bowienews/news.htm
Leonard Cohen - www.netsonic.fi/~ja/cohen/frame.html
Neil Finn - come.to/neilfinn
Danny O’Keefe - www.dannyokeefe.com/index1.html
Dirk Hamilton - www.dirkhamilton.com/dirkonorphans.html
Ian Matthews - www.iainmatthews.com/
Van Morrison - www.harbour.sfu.ca/%7Ehayward/van/van.html
Michael Nesmith - www.nezfriends.com/news.html
James Taylor - james-taylor.com/
Joni Mitchell - www.jonimitchell.com/
Gordon Lightfoot - www.lightfoot.ca
Harry Nilsson - www.jadebox.com/nilsson/nilsson.html
Juluka - www.juluka-fan-site.com/
Lucinda Williams - www.iye.com/lucinda/home.html
Rosanne Cash - www.rollanet.org/~vbeydler/van/rosecash.html
Nanci Griffith - www.sover.net/~rschrull/ngriffith/gchpage.html
Mary Chapin Carpenter - http://home.earthlink.net/~dlgillilan/
Joe Pernice/Pernice Brothers - pernice.sanadoire.com/us/news.html or www.pernicebrothers.com/
Tom Rush - www.tomrush.com/index.shtml
Willis Alan Ramsey - www.willisalanramsey.com/ or goneastray.virtualave.net/
Neil Young- www.hyperrust.org/ or www.neilyoung.com/
Klaatu - www.klaatu.org/
Ralph McTell - www.folkcorp.co.uk/mctell/
Bruce Cockburn - www.kingsfield.com/cockburn/index.htm
Time (aka Summer) - artists.mp3s.com/artists/112/summer1.html or artists.mp3s.com/artists/100/chuck_nicholls.html or www.lightningcapitolmusic.com/summer.html