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Paperback Writer is the place where Beatles related creations take pride of place and can be shown off to
Beatles fans from Across The Universe.
Whether you have written a poem about the boys, a short story, painted or drawn a picture or even written a song we would love to display your work to the rest of the world right here on Paperback Writer.
So if you have anything that you would like to submit please email lucydiamond9@yahoo.com and we will put it up for you.

Our first contributor to Paperback Writer is Sydney poet Anne-Maree Adams.

By Anne-Maree Adams

There are many tales told,
Of the four young men in their youth,
But this I tell as my honesty,
Sugar-coated in truth.

I do not tell of fact,
But simply what I know,
Of the four young men that changed the world,
To either friend or foe.

Four young men from Liverpool,
Made their name’s well known,
By doing what they did best,
Never long alone.

The tale begins with John,
Of pent-up anger born,
Humanities mistakes,
It seems that he did mourn.

Paul, the pretty boy,
Face on the female fans walls,
He smiled and shook his head,
And answered the public’s calls.

George, the loner of the four,
But a genius underneath,
He wore his smile as a badge,
He shyness as a sheath.

And finally, of Ringo,
Funny-man of the four,
Never forgot where he came from,
Gentle to the core.

Now you hear the stories,
Of what they did wrong,
And our minds can be clouded,
With the tabloids throng,
But let it remain,
They changed the world,
They re-wrote the history,
Of our pages curled.

They are part of the reason,
Of life as it is today,
And whether we want to admit it,
Their influence will forever stay.

Now you can say what you like,
Whether you loved them or not,
But let it remain,
They will not be forgot.

Now I’ve said my piece,
My tribute is lain,
And if only for a moment,
They took away the world’s pain!