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Out of all the boys Paul has always had the most diverse sense of fashion. Paul's alternative and sometimes scary wardrobe was most evident in the 70's when Wings was in full flight. Even after Wings has landed Paul still comes up with some classic and sometimes questionable items of attire. Here we will show you some of the best (and worst) of Paul's wardrobe over the years!


Well Beatle children here is our first fab example. Don't you just love the glam shirt. Looks like our Paulie has sacrificed about 100 glo-mesh purses. Not quite sure what was on his mind when he picked out this groovy little number but if I were you I wouldn't follow in his footsteps!

Well I suppose this photo is a bit of a ring in but we just had to put it in because of the beautifully crafted towel that Paul is wearing (or not wearing) whatever the case may be. And who could resist looking at a Paul "bum" shot!