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This is where you can find out all about the fabs latest appearances on television around the World. Mostly we will concentrate on current promotional activities but we'll also inform you about any rare or archival broadcasts that do crop up from time to time. Of course if anyone knows of a TV appearance that we haven't listed then please notify us.


The only significant TV appearances that have been made by Paul recently have been an appearance he made on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" during his recent "Driving Rain" Tour in the US and little bits of interviews on 'E', "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight". These appearances occurred during May / June 2002. Of course we also saw Paul perform at the Queens Gala Jubilee Concert and there was THAT interview the day before Macca's wedding! Paul and Heather were also briefly seen during the Mens Wimbeldon tennis final on July 7th.
Detailed listing of latest appearances by Paul & Heather


Nothing to report from the Harrison family TV wise at the moment.


Ringo was briefly seen (for about 1 second) at the airport for Paul & Heather's wedding and that is about all we have seen of Ringo for quite a while.

Lennono Family

Nothing to report from the Lennon clan, TV wise, at the moment.