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Welcome to the original home of Frantique Jemima Rotalacta. Apart from having her well worn fingers in many pies these days (and not just fish and finger ones either) she began life at "ATU" as the dedicated reviewer of all things rare in non commercial video tape (i.e: things taped off TV shows or home movies etc). But before I let her loose with some reviews I think she would like to introduce herself to you all….

Greetings web wander-er's, Allow me to introduce myself.My full name and rank.and i do mean RANK! is Miss Frantique Dotty Delores Rotalacta. My name and likeness will be constantly popping up on these pages,as they have been for years across the more 'paper-esque' of 'ATU.'. Never one to mince words i'm sure many of you will be shocked at my forthrightness..its for your own good, For too long people have been playing 'blind devotion' so i'm here as your 'Mistress of reality',if there is a particulary artistic shot of one of Pauls toe nails in a promo or video footage,then it will be discussed and disected in an in depth manner that only Franny knows how to do. Stay tuned..and stay alert.

Frantique x