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Now you can all relax and have a bit of fun as every few weeks we
will have some questions for all you Beatle scholars out there to see
if you have what it takes to be a top of the class "Beatle Brain".
Winners will win a groovy little prize for all their hard earned study
in the subject of Beatlology. So you'd better put your thinking
caps on guys and gals and try these Beatle head scratchers.




Q1. Who is Sean Lennon's godfather?


Q2. What was the name of the US TV comedy series that Ringo appeared on in 1970?


Q3. Which of the Beatle wives had a song written about her in 1944 which became a huge hit
in 1946? What was the name of the song?


Q4. Name George Harrison's 2 older brothers?


Q5. Who was the best man at Ringo and Maureen's wedding?


The first person to correctly answer the above questions will win one years free subscription to Across The Universe fanzine.

So put on those Beatle thinking caps and be the first person to be crowned ATU's Beatle trivia king or queen!!!

Email your answers to hitachif@hotmail.com